Hunter - servival aplication [ACCEPTED]

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Hunter - servival aplication [ACCEPTED]

Post  Phionx on Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:05 pm

I have read and understood the rules, and I fully agree with them

Name: I’m gonna keep this bit to myself>
Age: 16
Country: England
Gender: Male

Character Name: Phionx
Character Level: 70 ofc
Character Race: Night Elf
Character Class: Hunter
Character Spec: Servival

Gear link and description:
Here is the link: however I realy don’t see quite the point in it coz its all going to be useless in just over 1 month wrath

Again I don’t get how any of these are important because by the time were hitting wrath ( just over one month) its all going to be irrelevant

Attunements & Keys:

Again so close to wrath its not really going to matter however I am attuned to all TBC and MC

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
I was a CL in GRODT whom recently dispended because of a growing casual population

Reason for joining Nautilus:
I’m told by skalse you guys are friendly and headed head first into wrath

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Because – I’m gooood - nah on a more serious note I am defiantly a character, as skalse will tell ya I’m terribly dyslexic which means most of what I type turns into mush =D u’ll learn to love it.

Raid experience:
MH: 5/5 BT: BB, 1% on RoS and all those below

Usual playtime:
I’m on too much its un healthy anyway 7 days a week those raid hours should be easy to make.

Ahhhhh 100% Pure Hunter the master race

Herbing @ max level
And its not maxed but I also Carry a pair of Jumper cables, FD ftw

Skalse that I know so far has joined then again every 1 seems to know skalse ^^

Extra information:

As mentioned above, I was Hunter Class leader in GRODT. I reckon I know my stuff, just a warning is that I will be BM until we hit 25 mans because as serva a hunter will feel a drop in DPS and I’ll be more useful in a 10 man that way.

Other than the above I proved time and time again I’m a dedicated raider sitting on standby for entire raids with bosses on farm.

I personally think I’m a talented hunter, kinda suckey without an example so here goes: being the only surviving DPS during a trash agro fiesta (without FD being used) then to DPS that Bog lord for 50% before the healers agrod died and I kited it for another 10% before the acid ground AOE attack nailed me ^^ sooooo close…

I also look at things slightly differently: Terron for example took allot of wipes, not only did I perfect my technique there quickly BUT I also worked out a way to halt the raid for 3 mins ambush the respawns and get another set of attempts

only one issue is that i have had problems connecting to vent channels it has worked in the past but im sure im just missing somthing.

the armory link was malfunctioning so here it is in a copy paste vertion:


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Re: Hunter - servival aplication [ACCEPTED]

Post  Spinks on Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:48 pm

Hello Phionx,

Thanks for your application; we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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Post  phionx on Sun Oct 12, 2008 3:10 pm

Ok before start I want to make one thing clear, was asked to run this because i came accross as aragant saying TBC gear is uselss in wrath, but i'll rant another time. what Gets me more is you now ask me to show I know everything about hunter gear i'd be impressed if you can do it without looking arogant, so I apologise but i dont see how i can do it.

However I was kindly informed that you are consernd I will be ninjaing all loot as a hybrid loot class.

well I won dragonspine troughy and gave it to a rouge dispite it being the best hunter trink untill BT

I expect prio on bows, they expect prio on weps, I expect equal on the "most useful" hybrid items available.
example time: I got both spite blades before any melee got one because there are more powerful rouge items out there than spite blade where as they are the best serva weps available untill Al'ar (and I got luckey with the rolls).

The problem is a basic run down of my gear tells you nothing, all hunter loot spechalized at BT/MH so it is impossible for me to prove i know my stuff. A total gear history would bore you and me to death; so I opted for a way I hope doesnt come accross as arogant but proves i know my hunter from my huntard ^^.

here is a stat break down for a serva hunter most important at the top least at the bottom ( have ignored spells)

Hit rating ( a shot missed is a shot wasted) [this has prio untill 92 (in tbc)]
Agility (we are ther for expose weakness) [this has prio untill 1k raid buffed (in tbc)]
AP (Too many hunters dont realise steady shot is based on AP)
Haste (haste is the sex but there aint enuf of it arround on serva gear to be effective in tbc)
this is beacuse it increases the number of shots you deal increasing the number of crits
much like a pally using flash heal.
crit (not worth fussing over it gives few crits than agili and ofc agili gives AP aswell
stam i want to live! serva hunter should be able to take as much damage as the melees it will be paird with
int Useless in wrath after we get our new shiney and sexeyfull Viper
strength Totaly useless to a hunter and is the single best sighn of whether loot is for the melees or is a hybrid /hunter item

OK and a BM hunter:

Hit rateing (cap = 145)
AP (pet damage is calculated thru AP)
Agility (tis the hunter uber stat)
crit ( without the + 15% agili bm hunters often like to top off there crit rating)
Haste incredible stat on a BM hunter due to the faster rate of fire howerver
little is available and putting prio on this will hurt DPS!
Stam -
Int -
strength -

NB all enchants and gems should focus on agili where agili is not available AP is. As a serva hunter and the best scope available is the + crit however many BM hunters like the + hit scope as it allows them to focuc more on RaS than they otherwise would.

But its not gear that makes a hunter we dont Just sit there and spam shadow bolt I even nicknamed my best mate on wow the "mathamahuntard".

He tought me everything I know about shot rotations, RAS, and what he called the "flee effect".
Examples and clealy laid out instrutions of shot rotaions can be found @ big red kitty's forums so I wont just sit here and give "how to hunter 101" what I shall do is say that I use a 2:1 rotaion with bristlebitz striker (the acrimonde bow) this gives me a total downtime of 0.07 secs @ average 25 man lag (during combat) dispite the fact it clips a steadyshot it is the most powerful rotation/wepon combo I have available to me.

If any hunters in this guild would like ANY help that includes alts, the Phi R&D reserch labs are located at area-52 this offer remains open regardless of wether or not I join the guild. (yes its Dr. boom Razz )


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Re: Hunter - servival aplication [ACCEPTED]

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