Quistis: Night Elf Hunter -Beast Master |ACCEPTED|

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Quistis: Night Elf Hunter -Beast Master |ACCEPTED|

Post  Quistis_ on Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:19 pm

Name: Heiko Hans Wolfgang Schwarz
Age: 21
Country: South Africa
Gender: Male

Character Name: Quistis
Character Level: 70
Character Race: Night Elf
Character Class: Hunter
Character Spec: Beast Master

Gear link and description:
Gear description
Okay now for the bland armoury link

there we go Very Happy

Moving on. Currently I am geared to play around Mount Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell.
Im placing (badge) next to any badge gear.

Now for a little bit of explaining

PVE Raiding Gear

As I am a beast master hunter primarily the stats that I focus on the most are:
1) Hit Rating(capped atm)
2) Attack Power
3) Agility
4) Critical Strike Rating
5) Stamina
6) Intellect

Helm: Coif of the Jungle Stalker
Gems: 20 attack power, 10 hit rating, 5 Crit + 7 stamina
Enchant: 34 Attack Power & 16 Hit Rating
Reason: To keep and overall balance of my gear, keep my hit rating caped and not loose to much stamina, also better than Tier 5 and close to tier 6

Neck: Shattered Sun Pendant of Might
Reason: The agility and the Proc are very good for a beast master hunter as the proc goes off almost every 45 seconds (hidden cooldown of 45 seconds)

Shoulders: Pauldrons of Primal Fury
Gems: 8 crit strike rating and 20 attack power
Enchant: 30 Attack Power & 10 crit Strike Rating
Reason: This Piece of Gear is on par with the Tier 5 Shoulders if not a little better.

Cloak: Cloak of Fiends
Enchant: 12 agi
Reason: I prefer this cloak over the far strider cloak in kara, due to the fact that the kara cloak does not have agility which means I loose out on critical strike rating, the haste is also very nice.

Chest: Scaled Drakeskin Chestgaurd (Badge)
Gem: 10 Critical Strike Rating
Enchant: +6 all stats
Reason: Its slightly better than Tier 6

Shirt: Squire’s Shirt
Reason: Makes me look sexy when I get nekkid Very Happy

Bracers: Bracers of the Pathfinder
Gem: 10 Attack power + 6 stamina
Enchant: 24 Attack Power
Reason: More Attack Power and crit than Tier 6

Gloves: Gauntlets of Rapidity (badge)
Gems: 8 Intellect
Enchant: 26 Attack Power
Reason: Most of the new badge gear is better than anything T5 for a Beast Master hunter.

Belt: Belt of the Silent Path(Badge)
Reason: To increase my Hit rating, Agility and Crit

Pants: Leggings of the Pursuit(Badge)
Gem: 5 Hit rating + 5 Agility, 10 Attack power and 7 Stamina
Enchant: 40 Attack Power
Reason: Slightly better than Tier 6

Boots: Cobra-Lash Boots
Gems: 10 attack power + 2 mana per 5, 10 Agility
Enchant: 12 Agility
Reason: Even better than the boots from Mount Hyjal as they give more attack power, crit and agility. The mana regen in the boots are also very nice.

Main Hand: Trollbane (btw)
Gems: 20 Attack Power and 10 Attack Power & 6 stamina
Enchant: Savagery (70 Attack Power)
Reason: The Total Attack Power boost that this weapon gives is greater than the PVP axe and the Polearm from Black Temple.

Ranged Weapon: Crossbow of relentless Strikes (badge)
Enchant: 12 damage scope
Reason: The high Attack Speed and hit rating are beautiful for a Beast Master Hunter

Rings:Garona’s Signet Ring
Violet Signet of the Master Assassin
Reason: The boost in Hit rating, agility and attack power are nice and they are better for me than anything else I have available atm

HourGlass of the Unravaler
Bloodlust Brooch

Note: All this gear that I use in raids has all been calculated carefully towards the best possible balance without over looking to many other stats. Also the high attack speed and damage done are not to dependant on my mana regen meaning that I can maintain high dps cycles for long periods of time even though I have a seemingly small mana pool. If theres any gear that I could possibly get I would work out well before hand if the gear is an improvement for me or not, also I would check if theres anyone else who would benefit more than me from the upgrade.
Also this gear works best for a beast master hunter but I am willing to change my spec if needed, as I have some other pieces of gear that can help bridge and gaps, I can also possibly respect Survival as with some creative regemming I can reach the recommended 700 agility for a Survival Hunter.

Exalted - Cenarion Expedition
- Kurenai
- Netherwing
- Ogri'la
- Consortium
- Shat'tari Skygaurd
- Shattered Sun Offensive
- Aldor
- Sha'tar
- Violet eye (like zomg I did Kara :O )

Well unfortunately since the one of the latest patch there is no requirement to any of the high end instances, but ill enter which instances I was attuned to before the attunement nerf, all below are either raids or Heroics.

Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts
Shattered Halls
Blood Furnace
Magtherodins Lair

Tempest Keep: Mechenaar
The Eye

Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs
Auchenai Crypts
Sethekk Halls
Shadow Labyrinth

Coilfang Reservoir: Slave Pens
Steam Vaults
Serpentshrine Cavern

Caverns of Time: Durnholde
Black Morass
Mount Hyjal
Black Temple

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
Synergy- Disbanned due to large loss of members and the inablility to get a raid off the ground.
They- Left due to some real life issues that have developed and made me uncertain about my fu

Reason for joining Nautilus:
I require a bit more structure in my raiding time schedule at the moment so I can plan my life around raid days.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Well I am a person who can get the best performance from the gear I have. Maximum results with minimum needs.

Raid experience:
MC…. That’s it pre tbc Razz
Gruul’s Lair
SerpentShrine Caverns
Tempest Keep
Mount Hyja (Archimonde)l
Black Temple (supremus)

Usual playtime:
Anytime really Razz

I am currently levelling a druid in order to be either a Feral (tank or dps) or a healer.(I will take a preference depending which is required more, also I will do this on the side line as to not disrupt guild activities)
Im lvling Yuukan for Skinning and Mining as I will probably take Leatherworking for Quistis come expansion.

Okay so this is where I talk about myself and what other goodies I can bring Very Happy
I am an Engineer and Miner, both skills maxed out.
I can make almost any engineering item.
I am very skilled at farming motes and ores.
I specialize in farming the following primals / motes:
This isn’t just because I’ve got the mote extractor but because I have pioneered several farming routes that are guaranteed to give as many primals in a short period of time. Current record is 75 Primal Airs in 1 day. (yes epic flappy grind >.< )
I can produce the Super Mana/Healing Injectors, Gyro Balanced Khorium Destroyer, +12 damage scope (still missing the +28 Crit Rating plan from Kara), just some examples of the goodies I can make.

Nope no one atm …. Oh wait
Mcitra and Ape Razz

Extra information:
My play style is casual but I can also tend to go into a hardcore mode when raiding Razz
While raiding I focus only on the raid, I monitor my damage out put vs aggro generation. I monitor my mana regen and plan how and when to change my dps cycle to compensate if needed. I monitor my aggro generation also if any healers seem to pull aggro I generally try to pull aggro off them or slow the mob/mobs down until the tanks can regain aggro. I.e. I play body guard to the healers. I like to talk to my healer and know if I'm in range, taking to much damage or w/e in a lot of cases I would tell my healer to rather focus on others than me if I’m not taking a lot of damage and counter it with pots. I rarely die in raids and in some cases (even with the patch to FD) I will survive the wipe and try to rez someone who can rez with my XL Goblin Jumper Cables. I am not scared to spend more time or money to get any new gear gemmed, enchanted and raid ready as soon as possible. I also tend to feed guild banks with Adamantite and any enchants or primals after I have been on a farming session (which I send to officers if there is a restricted tab). I like to keep topped up on anything I may want or need and this generally involves me farming once or twice a week to keep my stock up, also if there are any requests for certain items that I can collect then I will make an effort to add those items to my farming routes. In some cases depending on the situation if primals or certain expensive or hard to acquire materials are needed for enchants and such I will farm the primals for the guild member requesting these items. I do not charge guild members for easily farmed items, anything else that’s hard to farm will be charge a price well under the current worth, if at all. I am not a farm bot though but I am willing to help Very Happy

Raid Attitude: I like to be only for quiet a while before a raid. This is in case I need to grind anything before the raid and if anyone needs something before the raid, or if there’s any tactics I have to go over again for a new boss or revisiting a boss.
I have Cleared Kara, Zul’Aman and Gruul’s Lair (on farm)
I have killed SSC: Hydross and The lurker Below (had both on farm)
Attempted: SSC: Leotheras the Blind. TK: Alar and Void Reaver
I know that I have not done many of the bosses in Tempest Keep and SSC but all these bosses I was able to kill them in the 1st or 3rd attempt. (ofc with the raid) and no this isn’t some sad puppy eyed attempt I would just like to point out that I am a very quick learner and very VERY self dependant and am willing to help others at a drop of a hat. I am anything but a noob but I am always willing to learn more about my class and looking for ways to improve my character. If ever I am not able to attend a raid then I will give at least a few days notice. I will see any instance through until it is called, even in the extreme case of wipe fests; generally I keep a minimum of 20 of each food, pot or elixir. During raids I keep myself fully buffed and will inform any buffing classes about 2-5 minutes before a buff runs out so I will not be in combat with a buff running out.

I am a 20 year old, I am single and live on my own (yes no Girl Friends to moan at me Very Happy). I have been playing WoW for about 2 years (going on 3) now and have been raiding actively for most of the time. I am currently studying for my Diploma in IT Networking. My preferred Language is English but I can also speak German and Afrikaans (Dutch). I work part time at an Internet café. I’m a Capricorn, birthday 30th December 1987. Most days I am online before 12PM Server Time until … well when ever I feel like logging off Razz but in most cases somewhere between 9PM Sever Time and 10PM Server Time (I need to add 1 hour to these times to get my local times) I am a dog lover and also I am a very kind person. I am willing to listen to people if they have problems and even try to give them advice. I am very mature although I tend to be very immature at the same time Very Happy. I live by the motto “Its mandatory to grow old, its optional to grow up.” If the situation calls for mature behaviour then I am mature otherwise I like to keep everyone smiling ^_^. I like to know in advance when raids are so that I can at least plan my life AROUND those days Very Happy. I like to go big game hunting occasionally, Cycling and keeping myself fit and healthy when I have time. (atm I've become a bit overweight Razz)

Guild Attitude: I like to keep conversations going between guild members; I will often contribute to conversations if it seems acceptable. I try not to but it. I have always had the personal rule that when officers or higher ranking members talk I listen. I am willing to help out guildies and guildies friends whenever I have the time to do so. I make friends very quickly. Okay I know what your thinking atm “omg what a care bear” but that is not the case. I also work very well with any hunter in the guild and like to know them well and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Add-ons I use:
Omen (duh)
Deadly Boss Mod
And sooometimes Recount to see if my dps is up to scratch. (tbh I used to have a habit of watching the dps meter to much.
I am quiet flexible with my add-ons and can change to a different one when I need / want.

Spec description
Beast Master 41/20/0
The short and sweet of my spec choice is the high attack speed with a large amount of damage being delt but with a lower aggro generation compared to a marks.
-High DPS and Attack speed focusing on the combination of the pet and the hunter to proc the +3% damage buff.
-Increased crit chance and crit damage for overall increased dps.
-Constant pet focus to keep pet abilities going
-Increased mana for use in mana intensive dps cycles.
I really love my spec as I have fine tuned it with trial and errors in my noobish days
I use this spec most effectively in PVE raids and 5 mans but I also use it for Grinding, boosting and pvping when I feel like having some fun on the side.
While I was still polishing off my spec late game I weighed out the pros and cons of each point I spent, as to make sure I got the max benefits with the minimum trade offs.
I am confident with my skills playing my hunter but I am willing to listen to constructive criticism as well.

In the even the armoury link above doesnt work im putting it in text here


I have read and understood the rules, and I fully agree with them


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Re: Quistis: Night Elf Hunter -Beast Master |ACCEPTED|

Post  Spinks on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:08 am

Hello Quistis,

Thanks for your application, we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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Re: Quistis: Night Elf Hunter -Beast Master |ACCEPTED|

Post  Mcitra on Wed Oct 01, 2008 4:21 pm

Hey Q Smile

Lovely to see you applying ofc Very Happy
We will get back to you as soon as poss.

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Re: Quistis: Night Elf Hunter -Beast Master |ACCEPTED|

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