Shadow Priest or Rogue is here to serve |DECLINED|

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Shadow Priest or Rogue is here to serve |DECLINED|

Post  Mr J_ on Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:38 pm

This is my apply, the first part is for 2 chars, even iam suitable to raid Wotlk with em both, i let u pick what class u need and ill go for that.

Name: Jonas
Age: 28
Country: Sweden
Gender: Male

Character Name: Valio My shadow priest and Valioser my eventually rerolled Rogue, i can do Wotlk either, So up to u what u need
Character Level: 70
Character Race: Shadow Priest are Dwarf and Rogue are NE
Character Class:
Character Spec: Valio are Shadow and Rogue are Combat specced

Gear link and description:
On my Priest i have choosen alot of Haste gear, sockets are Most likely 12 spelldmg and 5 haste and 6 spelldmg, If i got an item with 3 sockets i usually for for 1 12 spelldmg and 2 5 haste 6 spell gem, Th enchant atm on my priest is Pure spelldmg , since i have not raided for abit now and i wanted to have max spelldmg "done some horde killing and Heroics", Iam that kind of player who change alot of new gems even i just got an item i get new sockets right away to maximize my potential.
On my Rogue that i have just currently lvled to 70 and getting some descent gear for lvling in Wotlk, i have or trying to get atleast 300 hit rating and maximus my AP and have a descent amount of crit rating. Since in PvE raids allways using Garrot and SnD,

Armory link on my SP :
Armory link on my Rogue :
Armory link on my warrior "Alt" :

What level reputation you have with any "important" factions.
On my priest iam exalted with the most important TBC factions, and exalted with some old school raiding instances. I have been trying to get exalted with the most important factins for my proffs, enchanter and tailor, so i can get the latest and help the guild or the ppl the most.
' Since i have just speed lvled my rogue for wotlk i hvent rly bathered to get exalted with much with him yet, since had him on hold all all TBC

Attunements & Keys:
Please state what instances you are attuned to.
Iam attuned to all of the important instances
Rogue have some attunent heroic keys

Raid experience:
Tell us what you have raided pre tbc and during tbc.
I have raided alot on my WoW carrer, i raided more hardcore before TBC, there i raided about everything, clear everything up to 5 bosses in naxx, in Tbc ive done everything up to 5 bosses in BT and done some trash in SWP. Pre tbc i played and raided leaded some instances like MC Bwl at that time i played hardcore as tank. Were Warrior class leader in a guild Pure luck, we were on Outland, after them i did some time in Ascension.

Usual playtime:
Tell us how often you can play and what days you can raid.
I can most likely play every night, and on weekends i usually spend time with family but iam ofc on at nights

Do you have any alts you usually play?
I usually play on my rogue that iam intending togo as Main in Wotlk if that i possible, if i cant that, iam cont. playing on my SP as my main char. And keep my rogue as an alt. I got aswell a DPS warrior, Just done some PvE and PvP on him in TBC, raided alot as Tank pre tbc.

What profession do you have at max skill (state what char they are on incase you have max skilled professions on an alt).
On my Shadow priest iam 375 Enchanter and 375 Tailor and i intend to stay those proffs in Wotlk, Rogue is 375 Alchemist and 375 herbalist and going to stay those in Wotlk, Warrior is pure farming with Mining and Herbalism. Ofc skill 375

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
Tell us about your previous guild and why you decided to leave.
I were in Alpha and left due to i didnt feel i fitted there atm, was no fun to raid with that guild atm, then i joined Get rich and die trying and were in that guild for a month or 2, until they disbanded. Since then i have been guildles

Reason for joining Nautilus:
Iam looking for a endgame PvE raiding guild for Wotlk, and have been looking around forawhile and found u guys.

Tell us why you want to join us.
What i have read i want to join ug uys since ur going for End game PvE raiding, and your pre set raiding times suit be perfect, so i will be able to attend to most of your raids, and thats a good start to even apply, to know that i can be there to help the guild beeing at the top

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Becase i allways show up when i have signed, i allways come prepered with pots and flask and food. Iam good teamplayer
Why should we pick You?
You shud pick me becase im born to raid PvE end game

Do you know anyone in the guild?
I dont think i know anyone in the guild

Extra information:
Ofcourse I have read and understood the rules, and I fully agree with them , before i started this apply

Please note that it is mandatory for every member of our guild to agree to the guild rules, therefor you must have read the rules and include this in your application: "I have read and understood the rules, and I fully agree with them". Applications that do not include this line somewhere will be declined right away.

Mr J_

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Re: Shadow Priest or Rogue is here to serve |DECLINED|

Post  Mr J on Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:48 pm

Hmm, apperently my nice colors and armory link didnt work, ill try post em again. :

My warrior alt :
My Rogue :
My Priest :

Mr J

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Re: Shadow Priest or Rogue is here to serve |DECLINED|

Post  Spinks on Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:57 pm

Thanks for your application; we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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Re: Shadow Priest or Rogue is here to serve |DECLINED|

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