Nefetiti - Shadow |ACCEPTED|

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Nefetiti - Shadow |ACCEPTED|

Post  Nefetiti on Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:22 pm

Name: Fredrik Gustafsson
Age: 18
Country: Sweden
Gender: Male

Character Name: Nefetiti
Character Level: 70
Character Race: Human
Character Class: Priest
Character Spec: Shadow ( 13/0/48 )

Gear link and description: .... As you know I've got hacked and working to get my gear back Smile Hunting some badge gear right now. got around 14%hit with specc, and atm I got 10.01%crit and 1008 shadow dmg

Reputation: Aldor - only Honored atm
Cenarion exp - Exalted
Honor hold - Revered
Lower city - Honored
Sha'tar - Exalted
Shattered sun - Honored
Violet eye - Exalted
Keepers of time - Revered

Attunements & Keys: Got all heroic keys and I am only attuned to karazhan >_O

Previous Guild and reason for leaving: Been in Pactum Serva for a long time. And the reason i left was that I got hacked and the "team spirit" wherent there anymore.

Reason for joining Nautilus: I'm ready to get a new start in World of Warcraft, and sense i know some people in the guild I think i will fell "home" here. And I am always ready to help the guild get forward.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus? As i said a little in Reason for joining, I think I will feel home here and always ready to help out. And i think that i am always happy and got a sense of humor Smile

Raid experience: Hmm... Done Kara ofc, ZA, Gruul, some SSC and killed Void reaver in TK.

Usual playtime: Monday-Friday I play like 4-6hr a day. on the weekends I dont play that much coz i am out partying with my friends:)

Alts: Got alts ofc, but they are around lvl 20-40 so not much to talk about there Razz

Professions: tailoring(375) and herber(375)

Referals: I know Mysticalape(skolian), Mcitra... And played alot with Spinks.

Extra information: First I will say that i agree with the guild rules. I'm 18years old love staying out late and living life. Studying to be a musicproducer right now. Thats about it, most of you know me already so you know what i am about Smile


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Re: Nefetiti - Shadow |ACCEPTED|

Post  MysticalApe on Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:46 pm

Hello Nefetiti,

Thanks for your application, we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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