Application form - Prot pally[ON HOLD]

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Application form - Prot pally[ON HOLD]

Post  Coldflame on Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:00 am

Name: Tom
Age: 16
Country: England
Gender: Male

Character Name: Coldflame
Character Level: 80
Character Race: Human
Character Class: Paladin
Character Spec: Protection

Gear link and description:
Ok erm. Currently got 6 epics, rest are mostly blue, a couple of greens such as libram etc (just gone prot so libram, trinkets, etc need replacing(have had prior experiance tanking before lich king)). 23,400hp unbuffed, defence capped. Mostly enchanted apart from my weapon. Have got quite a few defence enchants to meet the defence cap, hence the lower hp. Fully gemmed, again, a lot has gone towards my defence cap.

Im revered with argent crusade, allowing me to buy the 37 stam 20 def rating enchant.

Raid experience:
Only really done kara, and the pre-tbc raids. Decided to go pvp spec for quite a while.

Usual playtime:
Can play every night, and sunday all day, (sometimes saturdays), not tied down with unusual working hours. Spend quite some time on my alts though.

Have a 73 rogue. Currently leveling a druid, priest, and DK.

Dont have any proffession at max skill, never actually bothered to level them Razz.

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
I've been in insanity for quite some time, but thats only a leveling guild, and since then I have been in two other guilds which I have left because they seem to have only 1 level 80 and call themselfs endgame raiding guilds Razz.

Reason for joining Nautilus:
I would like to join a mature guild for progressing in the game as much as possible. I enjoy raiding but havnt had much luck so far.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Ill stick to it and will come to the raids if I have said I will.

Mysticalape told me about the guild, thought id have a crack Smile.

Have you applyed to another guild except for Nautilus?
Nautilus is the only guild I have applied for at the current time.

Hope you consider me,


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Re: Application form - Prot pally[ON HOLD]

Post  Mcitra on Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:59 pm

Heya Coldflame and tnx for applying to us, i have a few questions from you application.

the proffessions you are currently having is importent in the longer term, so i would like you to state those two you have/want?

you raiding experience is abit low but if a person wants to raid and improve i wouldnt see that as a problem at all.
the question i have is if you feel that you can stay through a raid, with endless whipes when we are at new bosses? Smile

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