Prot war application |DECLINED|

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Prot war application |DECLINED|

Post  Guest on Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:10 am

Name:Erik Lindahl
Age: 21
Country: Sweden
Gender: Male

Character Name:Lokpest
Character Level:70
Character Race:Nightelf
Character Class:Warrior
Character Spec:Protection

Gear link and description:

Keeping updated on the latest theorycraft, especially concerning protection warriors and tanking in general, I have chosen to go for the infamous EH gem/gear concept. EH is of course Effective Health, which states that the best way to gear and gem for progressing is heavy on stamina and armor once you reach the defensive cap of 490 (540 in WOTLK).

I have enough with the ones I need I guess Smile

Attunements & Keys:
All heroics

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
I recently came back from a 5 month or so break, and I left my old guild before that break because I was bored with the game.

Reason for joining Nautilus:
I want to start raiding seriously again, and your guild seems to fit me pretty well.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Well, in risk of sounding pompous, I think I am more than competent at what I do, and I rarely leave a pug without getting compliments for my tanking.

Raid experience:
All 5-mans
UBRS, LBRS (They were 10 man remember? Smile )
All of MC
All of ZG
Up to third boss in BWL
Post TBC:
All 5 man normal + heroics.
Kara - Full clear.
ZA - Full clear.
GL - Full clear.
MAG - Full clear.
TK - 3/4.
SSC 3/6.

Usual playtime:
I can raid all days of the week, and I play every day.

Alts:A priest named Benevolent

Lokpest: Alchemy/Herbalism
Benevolent: Tailoring


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Re: Prot war application |DECLINED|

Post  Mcitra on Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:22 am

Why do i reccon that name Lokpest Question Surprised

Thanks for you'r application Smile we will get back asap.

if you can't convince them - confuse them!

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Re: Prot war application |DECLINED|

Post  Spinks on Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:11 pm

Thanks for your application, we are unfortunately not looking for prot warriors atm, but we will have you in mind if a spot opens in the near future.

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Re: Prot war application |DECLINED|

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