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Before filling out an application please read through our Guild rules and application form. Fill out your application and post it in this section of the forum. For us to consider your application, the subject of the post should be "char name - char spec".

Application form


Character Name:
Character Level:
Character Race:
Character Class:
Character Spec:

Gear link and description:
This is where you tell us about your gear, sockets and enchants. Why you have chosen gear with high crit for example and why you socket and enchant the way you do. DO NOT skip this part, we don't mind if you are in full blues or epics, show us that you know what gear to pick and what to enchant with instead.

What level reputation you have with any "important" factions.

Attunements & Keys:
Please state what instances you are attuned to.

Raid experience:
Tell us what you have raided pre LK and during LK.

Usual playtime:
Tell us how often you can play and what days you can raid.

Do you have any alts you usually play?

What profession do you have at max skill (state what char they are on incase you have max skilled professions on an alt).

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
Tell us about your previous guild and why you decided to leave.

Reason for joining Nautilus:
Tell us why you want to join us.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Why should we pick You?

Do you know anyone in the guild?

Have you applyed to another guild except for Nautilus?

Extra information:
This is where you tell us everything else we might want to know or anything you would like to share.

Please note that it is mandatory for every member of our guild to agree to the guild rules, therefor you must have read the rules and include this in your application: "I have read and understood the rules, and I fully agree with them". Applications that do not include this line somewhere will be declined right away.

Note: According to us, long applications shows a high level of dedication!
Also, the application form is manditory to answer. No matter how unimportant you think a question is, don't ignore it and do your best to answer it. We have put alot of thought behind all the questions and even if you don't see it right away, we do have a reason for asking them.

Note: Whisper an Officer will not speed up the application process.
Each and every application goes through a discussion - vote period and we will inform you on the website if your application is approved or denied. If you haven't heard anything from us, this means that the application is still in process.

Note also that we do not neglect a single application, but go through them all thoroughly. Yours is not an exception

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