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Post  Socyin on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:55 pm

Application form

Name: M. Yahya Ismail
Age: 17
Country: United Arab Emirates
Gender: Male

Character Name: Socyin
Character Level: 80
Character Race: Night Elf
Character Class: Druid
Character Spec: Feral (Tank) 0/55/16

Gear link and description:
Armory is messing about at this time so I will edit this later with a link to my talent spec. Basically the stats I look for when looking at gear and enchants is Stamina and Agility. At the moment I am trying to stack on agility to improve my dodge and increase my armor a bit. As a Druid i tend to have quite a bit more HP than most other tanks and my gear is pretty good, in my opinion, for the content that I have experienced so far. A few stats:
Unbuffed in Bear Form
HP: 29797 (2256 Stamina)
Agility: 877
Dodge: 35.34%
Armor: 28545
Expertise: 35 (8.75%)
Hit Rating: 70 (2.13%)

Argent Crusade- Exalted
Kirin tor- Revered
Knights of the Ebon Blade- Neutral
Sons of Hodir- Friendly
Wyrmrest- Revered (currently working on this)

Attunements & Keys:
Err.. Karazhan? All the Pre-BC Raids also, UBRS key, Strat key, Scholo key, DM key,
Violet Hold Key

Raid experience:
Pre-TBC I have raided MC and I have gone back to do Onyxia and BWL
TBC- Karazhan, Gruul, Maggy, SSC, TK, MH
WotLK- As of yet I have completed the Construct quarter of Naxxramas, with Nautilus, incidentally.

Usual playtime:
I play most days with the exception of Friday. Raid times are sometimes an issue with me because of the time-zone difference. Raiding means staying up till 2:30 AM which can become a chore. So basically that means I will raid maybe once or twice a week most weeks. Although the raid times are not the most convenient for someone in my situation, i can affirm that when I do sign for a raid, I do so with the intention of staying through to the end, barring any unforseen circumstances.

I have a Mage and a Rogue that are presently at 70 and a Priest that is at 72. The Mage and Priest will eventually be leveled to 80.

What profession do you have at max skill (state what char they are on incase you have max skilled professions on an alt).
At this time the only Professional at max skill is Skinning.
My Leatherworking is at 440.
I will eventually level up Enchanting and Herbalism on my mage, as well as Tailoring and Alchemy on my priest.

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
The last guild I was in was <They>. Short story for leaving was that I was not permitted to switch my main to my Druid away from my Priest.

Reason for joining Nautilus:
Nautilus is a guild of dedicated players that I have known for a long time and that I can trust to bring their best to raids. This trust includes selecting the best guild members to ensure success. Based on that trust I have decided to apply to Nautilus. Besides, what a cool name.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Why should we pick You?
As a member of Nautilus I would bring an active player that works hard to be the best that I can. I'm not saying that I am the best player or the most active player but I AM saying that I will work endlessly so that no one can tell me that I should have worked harder. And at the end of the day, you can't really ask more out of a guild member.

I know:
Omberg, Quistis, Skalsebasse, Mcitra, Mysticalape, Spinks and maybe more.

Extra information:
First of all: I have read and understood the rules, and I fully agree with them.
I am a fiercely loyal guild member, and I do not say that lightly. In the year and a half that I have played on Dragonblight, I have been in one guild for levelling and two guild at 70/80.
I am completely into PvE, in fact, I absolutely suck at PvP.
Though I love WoW and I play it constantly, I tend to prioritize Real life and school. And in the end, I think that is the type of person guilds should look for over the one that puts WoW on top.
I am not into the whole theorycrafting and calculating all my stats and such, but I am always upto suggestions and comments and constructive criticism on my characters.
Most of all, I play WoW for fun and I hope that as a member of Nautilus, my experience will be even better!

Thanks for hearing me rant and I hope to see you soon in /gchat!


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Post  Socyin on Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:51 pm

Couldn't edit it so just posting a link to my armory page.


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Post  MysticalApe on Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:32 pm

Thank you for your application, we are currently discussing your application and will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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Post  Spinks on Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:56 pm

Declined, Good luck finding another guild.

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