BOOMkin or Feral dudu |ACCEPTED|

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BOOMkin or Feral dudu |ACCEPTED|

Post  Hrista. on Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:07 pm

Hey guys and hopefully fellow guildies Smile

Name: Daniel
Age: 25
Country: Denmark (yeah i know it sucks.. and is cold)
Gender: Male!

Character Name: Hrista
Character Level: 70 Ding!
Character Race: Nightelf
Character Class: Druid
Character Spec: Balance and/or feral

Gear link and description:
I know it looks wierd but after the latest patch removing the armor bonus on feral items (most of em) i find this a rather good casual-just-doing-a-heroic-nuke-run setup with around 800-900 dps in bearform w00t!
My gems are a bit messed up atm, just fokusing on getting best dps for the race getting to lvl 80 right now.
I go for max dmg, but combined with reasonable sta for the fast heroics, done em all way to many times and a bit of a drag to use 1 hour in ramps with slow dps.

Boomkin: soory do not have a link for that spec, however all the items are from Mount Hyjal, BT and badges. Giving around 1300+ spell power hit capped ect. Got "nuke forever" mana regen combined with the herbalist trinket for extra mana pot boost Wink All gems are epic gems, a bit of hit, crit and spell power for the perfect balance of what is needed.
And ofc everything is enchanted with mana regen/spell power ect.

As you probably have noticed Boomkin spec is my favorite/main. I just love it, with the good combo of excellent nuking and good offhealing when in trouble.

As for resto spec I have anything from kara to BT items, but I dont tend to be resto as im not "the healing type of guy" but I know all specs very well, have played em all for 3 years now Razz

What level reputation you have with any "important" factions.

Im exaulted with all the burning crusade instances but ashtungue deathsworn (BT) still missing 6k there.

Attunements & Keys:
Please state what instances you are attuned to.

Ive got all the keys for the burning crusade, and ofc attuned to it all, not alot in the classic world, cinda skipped those in my young days Razz

Raid experience:
Tell us what you have raided pre tbc and during tbc.

As mentioned above didnt do alot of raiding pre tbc, just some random ZG.

In tbc ive done everything up to mother in BT multiple times and pretty much know all the tactics for the rest in there, Also done a nub run In sunwell for fun, but nothing much but a good old spanking came out of that :S

Usual playtime:
Tell us how often you can play and what days you can raid.

Well im pretty much online from 4pm to 12pm on weekdays and randomly online in the weekends (when not out boosing and with GF)
Im able to raid form sunday to thursday, weekends not sure as social stuff pops up Wink

Do you have any alts you usually play?

I have a warlock lvl 67 nimlock
And a 70 pvp rogue Nimrõd

What profession do you have at max skill (state what char they are on incase you have max skilled professions on an alt).
On Hrista I have 375 herbalisme and Alchemy
Nimrõd I have 375 leatherworking and skinning
And on Nimlock i have 375 tailoring and 340 enchanting.

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
Tell us about your previous guild and why you decided to leave.

Get rich or die tryin, I left because the guild pretty much disbanded with our raidleader. Im still sad cause i thought it was a good guild who realy made me love raiding, now i cant stop! Wink

Reason for joining Nautilus:
Tell us why you want to join us.
Im hoping Nautilus will become a major raiding guild, psuhing those aeternus of the thrown! Wink
Atleast I will do my best to help get there. I want to join a serious raiding guild and You guys seem to be the future.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Why should we pick You?

I will be an excellent guild member because I am always focused, do what im told and always arrive to raids with the needed pots, elixirs food ect, even enough to spare for those who runs out. I am helpfull, never say no to help with a quest/heroic or creating stuff for others.
Im alot online (so my GF says anyway)
Do you know anyone in the guild?
I know Skalsebasse (sadly Razz)and Phionx (even more sadly ;P) from GRODT
But otherwise no Smile

Extra information:
This is where you tell us everything else we might want to know or anything you would like to share.

Well im a dude from Denmark, atm im working so no stupid homework in the evenings w00t! I enjoy playing wow for the raiding, questing and the social aspect of the game. My choice of druid has come cause i like to tank, but also dps and maybe some pvp healing, so all 3 in one, why not Wink
Donno what else to say, but throw me a wisper if you need info Smile



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Re: BOOMkin or Feral dudu |ACCEPTED|

Post  Spinks on Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:47 pm

Thanks for your application; we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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