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Guild Rules

Post  Mcitra on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:36 pm

Before applying, make sure you have read, understood and agree to these rules:

1. The Website
1.1 You are required to log on to the website frequently. The website is most often the place where important messages will posted that you are required to read.
1.2 Not checking the website at least twice a week will result in a warning (refer to section 5),

2. Raids
2.1 Our raids will be scheduled from 19.00 to 23.30. We will begin invites 15 minutes prior to raid start, and we expect everyone to be outside the entrance of the instance at that time. We want everyone to have everything prepared at this point and bring your top game to the raids.
2.2 We are currently aiming for 4 Raid nights a week. These will be informed in the member section.
2.3 Please note that at least two elixir or flask is required at all times during the raid, aswell as a food buff and weapon buff.
2.4 You are expected to read up on the boss tactics mentioned on the signup before each raid. The raid leader will sometimes ask you to fill in on certain details to make sure you understand, so if you are having trouble understanding exactly what your class does during a specific encounter, mail an officer or post it in your class forum.
2.5 Not bringing elixirs, flasks, food buff or weapon buff to a raid, showing up late, or not showing up at all, will result in a warning (refer to section 5).

3. Addons :
3.1 The following addons are required during raids:
CTRA or/and oRA2
3.2 We also require you to have Voice Communication Ventrilo installed on your computer! (Speaking is not mandatory, but listening to the raid leader is.)
You will find these to download in the member section if your application gets accepted.

4. Guildbank
4.1 To make sure our guildbank is used, but not exploited, we have enforced a GB point system.
4.2 For every item you contribute to the guildbank, you get a GBP (short for GuildBank Point). The amount of GBP's you receive depends on the item(s) you deposits value on the Auction House at the current time.
4.3 If you wish to withdraw an item from the Guildbank, you can purchase it using your GBP's. The amount of GBP's the item will cost depends on the items value on the Auction House at the current time.
4.4 Only officers can withdraw and deposit items in the guild bank. Any requests to withdraw or deposit an item should be sent in an ingame mail to an officer. If you want to deposit an item, the item(s) should be attached to the mail.

5. Warnings
5.1 If you break any of the guild rules you will receive a warning.
5.2 All warnings any of the members receive will be logged for the officers to see. If the officers feel you break too many rules too often, or feel you are a threat to the guild in any way, the officers have the right to remove you from the guild.

6. Expected behavior
6.1 All members of the guild are expected to behave at a certain level of courtesy towards guild members.
6.2 There will be no bashing or flaming other members. If you have a problem with one of the members contact an officer.
6.3 During raids, you are expected to stay focused during the entire raid. Speaking about off-topic stuff during boss briefings is not allowed. However, feel free to speak freely during trash clearing.
6.4 From the moment you join Nautilus you represent the guild. This means that you shall treat all fellow players with the respect and friendliness that they deserve. Regardless of their current guild/level/race etc.

7. Joining the Guild.
7.1 When joining the Guild you will be on a trial period. This means that you will be able to log onto our website and are require to log on to the site at least twice a week.
7.2 During this time we will decide if you fit into this guild or not, and we will let you know as soon as we have made our decision.
7.3 Asking about when your trial period ends when on trial will not help you in any way.
7.4 You will be able to use the Guildbank and receive/lose GBP the same way as a member.
But if a member would like the same item from the Bank as the Trial want the member comes first.

8. Mains / Alts.
8.1 When you apply to the guild, you apply with one character as your main.
8.2 When signing up to official raids, you are expected to bring your main.
8.3 Raid leaders can sometimes ask you to swap to an alt for official raids if class balance is in order.
8.4 If you want to change your main in the guild, please send a PM on the forums to one of the officers,
explaining why you want to change mains and how it would benefit the guild.
Please make sure the gear quality is almost equal to your main or to the instance we are progressing through at that current time.

9. Loot.
9.1 In 10-man content, we will use the build in function "/Roll" to determent who wins items one or more players are interested in.
9.2 Keep in mind that there is no restriction to how many items a player can get per run. We raid as a team and it is our policy to try to spread the items out across each member for maximum benefit.
9.3 In 25-man content, we will use Loot Council. It's a system where a "Council"(in our case, the officers) will decide whoever needs the item most will receive it. This to make it equal distribution, no unnecessary shards, and whoever needs an item the most will receive it and not the person that wants it the most! For more information on this please read:

Please be aware that officers can and will add/change or delete rules if we feel it is necessary.

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