Taenadar, Mage |DECLINED|

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Taenadar, Mage |DECLINED|

Post  Taenadar on Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:53 pm

Name: Vincent
Age: 20
Country: Netherlands
Gender: Male

Character Name: Taenadar
Character Level: 79 and 25% when posting this. So will be 80 soon.
Character Race: Gnome
Character Class: Mage
Character Spec: Currently iam fire spec. (0/55/11) Willing to respec if guild ask me to do so or if its needed for some reason.

Gear link and description:
My current gear can be found . Chose this gear becuz its has high spelldmg and crit. I am always looking for gear with crit and spelldmg. Also the other stats are important to me. I found gear with higher spelldmg then what i am wearing but no +int and + sta. Then i choose my current gear for more survivabilty.

This is where you tell us about your gear, sockets and enchants. Why you have chosen gear with high crit for example and why you socket and enchant the way you do. DO NOT skip this part, we don't mind if you are in full blues or epics, show us that you know what gear to pick and what to enchant with instead.

Hard to answer this question with the expension just being live. Iam currently focussing on leveling and not yet on rep grinding for some factions. I didn't play when BC came out so i dont have any good rep there.

Attunements & Keys:
Molten Core! Razz Not really needed to answer this with WotLK. Think this part was prior at BC

Raid experience:
I raided everything pre-BC. That means from MC > BWL > ZG > AQ20/40 and a little of naxx. Been on alot of guild first kills. Also did raids in BC but that was after the nerf and with pugs. So can't really mention those.

Usual playtime:
I play WoW when i have some free time. I can raid at monday, wednesday and friday and sometimes at sunday. At nights that is.

I have am currently trying to level a warrior. It's currently level 21 so don't expect great things from it yet.

I got tailoring and mining. Picked mining up for some money making. chose tailoring since i had 2000 netherweave cloth and needed to get rid of it Razz.

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
I am currently at mongowians. It's a fun guild with no intention to raiding. Leaving because i want to taste wotlk raiding.

Reason for joining Nautilus:
You look like a good raiding guild. I like to make progress and i think Nautilus is a good guild for that

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
I don't go whine after some whipes. I know my class(mage) well enough to know what to do. I also have alot of experience in raiding.

I dont know anyone of you. I just searched the wow realm forums and found a couple of guilds. And picked you Smile

Extra information:
Iam a crazy gnome


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Re: Taenadar, Mage |DECLINED|

Post  Spinks on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:45 am

Declined, Good luck finding another guild

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