Kaldor, Mage |ACCEPTED|

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Kaldor, Mage |ACCEPTED|

Post  Kaldor on Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:59 pm

Application form

Name: Kaldor
Age: 20
Country: Hungary
Gender: Male

Character Name: Kaldor
Character Level: 71(going to be 80 asap)
Character Race: Human
Character Class: Mage
Character Spec: Arcane(ATM, im always looking for the best spec avaible)

Gear link and description:
<Armory Link>

Does it matter?, it will change but will try to have the needed spellhit, and as many as spellcrit and spelldamage as possible.

This is where you tell us about your gear, sockets and enchants. Why you have chosen gear with high crit for example and why you socket and enchant the way you do. DO NOT skip this part, we don't mind if you are in full blues or epics, show us that you know what gear to pick and what to enchant with instead.

These enchants, gems are the best for mages.(these have changed in Wotlk)

What level reputation you have with any "important" factions.
As a lvl 71 maybe netural with them all, lvling in progress...

Attunements & Keys:
Please state what instances you are attuned to.
Nothing for Wotlk(if anything is needed)

Raid experience:
Tell us what you have raided pre tbc and during tbc.
I dont have pre-TBC raid experience, started to play WoW in january of 2008(as of patch 2.3), but in tbc

Before the "big nerf"

*TK(only Kael not)
*Mount Hyal first 2 boss

Usual playtime:
It alwasy changing, most of the time from late afternoon, to ~23:00 PM

Tell us how often you can play and what days you can raid.

Anytime. Four raids is a minimum, and if i cant come, will inform you days before.

Nothing to mention, i love mages.

Do you have any alts you usually play?


First aid

These will be maxed out sometime.

What profession do you have at max skill (state what char they are on incase you have max skilled professions on an alt).
As of wotlk nothing.

Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
Tell us about your previous guild and why you decided to leave.
Allied forces of the light =>Kicked for using the guild bank(took 80 gold for lvl 60 epic mount, gave the money back next day)
Leave Me Alone =>Kicked, well kinda long story, to be short, one of their officers told me that im a worthless member of the guild, i dont know anything about my class, i dont prepare for the raids(ofc these are not true) I was member for about a half year...

Reason for joining Nautilus:
Tell us why you want to join us.

I have read about them in wow forums, i have read the guild info and rules, thats what i exactly want.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?

Im hepful and im always looking for things to learn.

Why should we pick You?
Why not?, Its me Kaldor Razz
I like raiding, and dont like drama, maybe these are good for you?

Referals: I Dont think, that anyone from my previous guilds, are willing to help me to get in any guild.
Do you know anyone in the guild?

Extra information:
This is where you tell us everything else we might want to know or anything you would like to share.

I like reading wow related websites in my freetime, also like playing wow.
Jut a few things about my english, i dont thing its perfect but at least good, i can understand anything, answering properly is a different thing. I will do anything i can to make the guild better.


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Re: Kaldor, Mage |ACCEPTED|

Post  Spinks on Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:26 pm

Thanks for your application; we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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Re: Kaldor, Mage |ACCEPTED|

Post  Spinks on Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:31 pm

Accepted on trial. An officer will contact you shortly.

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Re: Kaldor, Mage |ACCEPTED|

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