Dániél - Fury Warrior Application [ACCEPTED]

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Dániél - Fury Warrior Application [ACCEPTED]

Post  Daniel on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:06 am

Name: Sebastian
Age: 20, soon to be 21
Country: Sweden
Gender: Male

Character Name: Dániél
Character Level: 70
Character Race: NightElf
Character Class: Warrior
Character Spec: Fury ( 0-53-8 )

Gear link and description:
A summary of this gear?
Well I guess you can see that this character has been extremly PvP focused. Actually, the sockets are abit off at this point as I've been mixing around alot with them, trying to come up with what's best for the new different speccs.
I do realise that str sockets in most cases are prefered as a warrior, however I wanted to see the effect of the ap and agi sockets combined with the Bladestorm specc.

Due to the pure focus on PvP on this character I haven't been farming any rep with different factions I'm afraid. I have the bg;s exalted from pre-tbc for an obvious reason, other than that nothing of value.

Attunements & Keys:

Raid experience:
Here comes the funny part.
Pre-tbc I didn't do much raiding apart from Molten Core and some BWL occationally, since I was more focused on the PvP scene trying desperately to get my Warror to the Grand Marshal rank ( wich I eventually managed ). When tbc launched I rerolled horde on the Trollbane-Eu realm, a troll female warrior named Kozue to be exact. The reason for this was due to me having some irl friends there who had a guild pre-tbc that got very sucessfull in Naxxramas and they decided to go hardcore PvE in tbc aswell. Beeing the dedicated warrior played I am I decided to reroll and join them, however since I loved played warrior I didn't reroll class, just race. The guild plans suceeded (the guild was now called Perfectly Sane) and we were actually 24th or 27th in the world to kill Illidan Stormrage ( can't remember wich one ) on the 1/8 - 2007.
This however wasn't a very good thing, since it was now Game Over for a rather long time, and many of the core members decided to call it, including our main and offtank (brothers). Since I was the only active warrior left in the guild we first decided to start gearing me up as a new main tank and keep the progression going, however as more and more ppl left and quit the game we decided that our saga had come to an end and we disbanded the guild.
I got sick of PvE again and rerolled priest and druid, the priest who would later be my PvE main in the guild So What on Dunemaul with who I raided up to Kil'Jaeden (never saw him go down though) and achived 3xGladiator titles with ( s1 / s2 / s3 ).

Usual playtime:
I can play about 12+ hours / day, normally from about 15.00 until I go to bed wich would be at about 02.00 or later (the time is atm 03.59 here so)

Priests are nerfed to death in 3.0, druids are no fun, so no I guess the only character I play is my warrior at this point


Previous Guild and reason for leaving:
EXPLICT - PvP guild in wich I'm the guild leader, not really much to tell here

Reason for joining Nautilus:
I have decided that I'm going to take up the PvE part of the game once again now that WotlK hits, and I'm really eager to do it with ppl with the same goals as I have (read; beeing on the top). I'm a very dedicated player, and I must actually say that I'm a very skilled warrior who knows my class extremly well even though I wasn't very active on this character in s4.
As you might understand from my previous experience I'm not the type who arrives late for raids, forgets to bring buffs or pots etc, and I'm always striving to be ontop of my game.

Why would you make a good member of Nautilus?
Since you're starting up a new guild for WotlK you will need a good set of trustworthy and dedicated core members. I feel like I can be one of them for sure, and I think that I can contribute with much more than just the ingame part.
For example; I've been officer in 2 very sucessful PvE guilds so far, and I'm very used to the administrative side of the game aswell.

I can't say that I'm very updated on the guild roster at this point unfortunately


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Re: Dániél - Fury Warrior Application [ACCEPTED]

Post  Spinks on Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:13 pm

Thanks for your application; we will get back to you with an answer asap.

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